Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Gold

?Rose Gold is a euphoric and relaxing Indica strain, according to many reviewers, highly sought after by cultivators for its resin production.

Where does Rose Gold come from?

The Rose Gold strain was bred by crossing two strains, Pineapple Express and MoonBow.What does Rose Gold smell like?Breaking apart the Rose Gold buds will release sweet dank, fruity, and floral notes laced with fuel.

What does

Rose Gold taste like?

Smoking or vaping the Rose Gold cannabis strain will produce a fruity and floral flavor heavily accented with Kush and spice.What color does Rose Gold have?Rose Gold’s buds have hues of lime green and purple and are heavily coated with trichomes and resin.

What effects does Rose Gold have?

Users have reported Rose Gold to provide a relaxing and euphoric experience that can uplift mood and ease chronic pain.

Is Rose Gold an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Rose Gold is an Indica dominant cannabis strain.

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