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buy Afghani Shatter Indica online

For those who need higher doses and use faster acting ‘delivery’ methods to take their product. For newbie users – you need special equipment to use shatter. Make sure you have what you need to use this product properly. This shatter is made from a hybrid strain (see info on this strain below).Good for depression, stress, insomnia, pain and lack of appetite. Store away from air, light and heat as much as possible. If you store it in the freezer watch out for condensation.

Strain Name: Afghani Shatter
Type: indica
Smell: sweet, woody, earthy
Consistency: Snaps when cold. Bends at room temperature.
Effect: Deep, sedating relaxation.
Potency: All shatters are potent. This is no exception. Use with caution.

Strain Info: Afghani is an indica dominate strain. Its name gives credit to its original country of origin where some of the earliest varieties of cannabis known to us today originated from and have been grown for a long time. Afghani is well known and loved by breeders and hash producers alike for its high resin content. It makes fine hash with its resin like leaves and passes its resin genes along to any strain its crossed with. Good for depression, stress, insomnia, pain and lack of appetite.


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