Lion’s Mane Focus Gummies online


Lion’s Mane Focus Gummies

Does your brain need a hug? Our lion’s mane gummies are your brain’s best friend,

Included in this pack: Lion’s Mane Focus Gummies + Mushroom Mix Daily 10 Gummies + Cordyceps Energy Gummies + Reishi Calm Gummies


World’s first USDA certified organic mushroom gummies


  • Mental clarity, focus and recall*
  • Cerebral and cognitive function*
  • Gut Health*
  • Nervous System 

Don’t worry, these are 100% vegan!

Does your brain need a hug? Our lion’s mane gummies are your brain’s best friend, since they might help you get the focus and clarity you’ve been looking for without jitters or other side effects. Try these functional mushroom gummies if you want to power through your work with laser-sharp focus, think more creatively, and improve your memory.

A sharper mind, with no caffeine involved! In fact, you may want to try taking this just before bed to help your brain more smoothly wind down and avoid occasional restlessness.

Your stomach might hear the roar of the lion’s mane and feel supported, too. Imagine a world where your gut flora lives in perfect harmony, and your digestive system is supported and happy. A smoother mind and calmer gut could work together for better days ahead.

Gummies are fun, tasty, and easy to take. If you’re not super thrilled about taking a capsule or just want something easy to swallow, gummies might be a great choice. Our gummies are the first USDA-certified organic mushroom gummies out there, and they’re 100% vegan.

Add these gummies to your daily routine and see if Lion’s Mane can level up your brainpower.

50% post consumer recycled packaging! 

Equivalent to 1,360mg of mushrooms per serving, and 40,800mg of mushrooms per bag


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