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Master Kush for sale online!

Buy Master Kush for sale online! Great BC Bud at a great value, buy more and save!

This nice crop of Master Kush is great for the physical relaxation properties of a classic Indica. Your mind won’t melt, but your body might. Buy Master Kush for sale online!

Expect a full body buzz and a mental high that is more heightened than stony. It will make activities more fun, but don’t expect to run a marathon after smoking this strain.

This crop tested out at a respectable 17{1da506d9d3792fb4f1d8eaffa61025fd095c028b08bf2ed079bf780a66000bf6}, with 3.5{1da506d9d3792fb4f1d8eaffa61025fd095c028b08bf2ed079bf780a66000bf6} CBD.

There is a burnout with this strain, it’s best used at night or after smoking a speedy Sativa. The potency will knock you out of that half-baked fog, and right back into super-stoned. Buy Master Kush for sale online!

Set your alarm before smoking, so might forget otherwise.

2 reviews for Buy Master Kush online

  1. Ty Haynes

    Thanks very much for your quality stuff

  2. Maya Gervis

    Quality flowers and quick delivery 🌷, thanks very much

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