Juicy Fruit (also known as Fruity Juice) can be linked to the combination of Thailand (Sativa) x Afghanistan (Indica) strains. Hands down one of the most beautiful looking medical marijuana strains known to mankind. This batch of Juicy Fruit had buds that ranged in the full spectrum of colors… easily deserving a 10/10 for looks. Its fruity aroma, with a slight lemon tinge, seems get exponentially stronger once it is grinded up. β€œThe effects were psychedelic and very uplifting for this Sativa-dominant hybrid out of the Thai region.” This strain…

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Medical Marijuana Cultivation

With recreational marijuana more popular than ever, especially in Sin City, consumers and medical marijuana patients are starting to see a diverse array of products available to them. Long gone are the days when shake and subpar marijuana were synonymous with pre-rolls. Instead, cannabis consumers and craft cultivators like Remedy medical marijuana cultivation and production are demanding more of the marijuana marketplace. Defining the Craft of Medical Marijuana Cultivation Remedy medical marijuana cultivation and production began with a mission to provide our patients with cannabis cultivated with quality and care…

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